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Safe for Life - 1st Prize
- London Book Festival - Children’s Fiction

Safe for Life - Honourable Mention
- San Francisco Book Festival - Children’s Fiction

Safe for Life - Runner Up - David St John Trust Awards - Children’s Fiction
“Safe for Life’ is well written in classic style using straightforward, clear and direct language that is exactly right for its audience.”

Safe for Life - Honourable Mention - New York Book Festival

Safe for Life
Primary Times Magazine review, Issue 152.
Animals on top in a world of villains
‘Safe for Life’ is the sequel to ‘Born to Dance’ which celebrated the friendship between a cat and a horse in a circus. Now the animals are in danger again as the rotter Jago Reaver attempts to take control of their home. Written with simple prose and a gentle narrative that always keeps the pages turning, Reynolds’ book keeps the reader guessing to the end.”


Born to Dance - 1st Prize - San Francisco Book Festival - Children’s Fiction
"This is a series that could potentially grow in stature as more readers take hold, and Reynolds’ main challenge is to stay true to the characters and her Bible for the series."

London Book Festival
"'Born to Dance' is a delightful and well-structured children’s adventure that captures the magic of the circus, and the thrill of being on your own in the world. Katherine Reynolds’ strong voice and skilled plotting was honed in years of professional endeavours in television, film and journalism. Unlike many writers, her work does not bog down in the third act, and the ingenious twists offered in her tale never pander to the young readership."

Born to Dance - 1st Prize - David St John Trust Awards - Children’s Fiction
"A wonderful Book. A latter day 'Black Beauty'."

Honourable Mention - Hollywood Book Festival

Honourable Mention - New England Festival  

Honourable Mention - London Book Festival 

Also... glowing reports from
The Brownies Book Club and the School Library Association!

Literary Magic Magazine -Writer Spotlight - Summer Edition "Reynolds delivers a masterpiece with 'Born to Dance', a Children’s book that is about much more than talking and performing animals. It is about love, hard work, friendship, and above all, hope. Hope is a simple concept. Just one word. But 'Born to Dance' takes the word “hope” to the next level. 'Born to Dance' will leave readers excited for more.”